Name: Davius Teremith
Sex: Male
Age: 28
Race: Human
Class: Fighter
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Armor Type: Scale Mail

Skin color: Dark brown
Hair color: Black
Length: Short
Eye color: Brown

Distinguishing markings: Long scar


Davius was born in the thick confines of Blackwall. His mother was a brothel worker by the name of Kyriss Alovandra and his father a Holy Guard known as Ozehn Teremith, one of the lord’s most elite class of guard. As a result of the taboo marriage, Ozehn’s title was destroyed, forcing Ozehn to move to a small nearby village with what little wealth he had left. The villagers slowly grew to welcome Ozehn and his family, He only but a week old.

A war erupted between the lord of Blackwall and the neighboring lord of Tiveneren over a very rare outer planar material that was astoundingly hard and resistant to all magic. Seemingly demonic in nature, the local mystics dubbed it “Fiend Matter”. Surrounding villages were hastily seized and drafted into service for the lord of Blackwall. Ozehn’s village was one of the villages that was seized. He was quickly enlisted and immediately sent behind enemy lines for reconnaissance. He was presumably felled by the enemy, as he never returned. This time would much later be called the Time of The Black Blade War because the fiend matter could just as easily be bended with natural fire like steel, making this a war solely of black swords, armor and arrows.

Kyriss struggled to provide for her son alone, but managed just the same. When the boy turned of age, the king’s drafters came with their scrolls and called names. However, even before the list could be fully read, a band of soldiers carrying the flag of Tiveneren ambushed the drafter and his men, slaying all of them. The mercenary leader, Dreshvin then gave the villagers an ultimatum: to become wandering outlaws or adopt the way of the hired sword. The few handfuls who were able to accept the offer stepped forward. He waved goodbye to his proud mother and set off.

As a blade for hire, only honor to the man that guarded your back or paid you held any real meaning. Dreshvin’s band often worked for both warring lords at the same time, interchanging assignments for pure profit, living off the game in the forests and squandering large amounts of money for the finest company and finest wine. Life was never dull and always dangerous.

Davius eventually grew to be a fine martial leader and tactician. He dubbed his own band of mercenary “The Onyx Drakes” and became the flaming spear head of the assault on Blackwall. All walls were breached. The final gate only left standing… the end of the Blackblade war just beyond.


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